Combining physical exercise with a Mediterranean diet seems to be a winning combination for maintaining a healthy weight, especially in the over-40s.

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The secret to longevity: find meat from animals that are not fed mainly on soybean, sunflower, corn and other cereals.

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Checklist: top snacks for sweet cravings Greek or soy yoghurt with blueberry topping / 2 pieces of dark chocolate 90% / handful of oilseeds / small bowl of strawberries / sugar-free protein bar / piece of cheese

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The ultimate top of the best proteins for health: egg / beef / veal / poultry / lamb / offal / mature cheeses / legumes.

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Vitality, longevity, weight loss: the ultimate guide to proteins in the keto-mediterranean diet is online at Blooness.

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The new premium content is out in 48 hours, and what a content it is! It will be the most complete guide to the amount of protein to consume in the keto-mediterranean diet. See you soon!

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