Forget everything you think you know about nutrition.

With the Blooness guide, adopt a diet inspired by Low Carb (low in sugars and carbohydrates), High Fat (high in fat), Paleo (natural), Flexi and Blue Zones friendly (ingredients consumed in the healthiest regions of the world).

Good for the line 🥑

The healthiest and most natural way to burn fat without frustration, focusing on the right fats, thanks to the ketogenic and low-carb high-fat diet.

Anti-breakdown 🥦

Few carbohydrates, no refined sugar, no pasta, no bread: get back in shape and don't prick your nose after your meal by avoiding insulin peaks.

Anti diseases 💪

Cancer, diabetes, allergies... put all the chances on your side against the diseases of civilization, with blue ingredients, vegans and paleos.

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