Index glycémique, charge glycémique, index insulinique : tout comprendre à la glycémie et aux glucides

09 Mar 2021 0 commentaire blooness

Après un demi-siècle de chasse au gras, c’est maintenant au tour des glucides de faire couler beaucoup d’encre. En effet, nous avons vu dans le guide Blooness, que les lipides avaient été diabolisés dans l’opinion publique, et ce alors qu’ils sont indispensables pour l’organisme et pour le système hormonal, et que s’ils sont consommés de […]

Top of the healthiest breads, when and how to eat them

01 Feb 2021 one how blooness

Bread is one of the staple foods in many cultures. It is generally eaten at different times of the day, and is associated with many other foods in more or less relevant ways. In this article from Blooness, the guide to the ideal human diet, we will look at how to optimize the quality of the food we eat.

Top of the best cheeses for health (fat, lactose free and low salt)

16 Dec 2020 one how blooness

Good morning to you all! The purpose of this summary post is to draw up a list of the best cheeses to consume, should you have chosen to include them in your diet. Cheese is certainly a food that is causing controversy around its relevance to health. […]

Ideal dosage of multivitamins and minerals: what is the best multivitamin on the market?

27 Nov 2020 0 comment blooness

The following is an overall summary of the Recommended Daily Intakes (RDAs) as recommended by governments for each vitamin and trace element. This article is a summary of the entire first part of the Blooness Guide to Ideal Eating. In this first part, we learned about macronutrients, and listed and discussed how they can be used in the diet.

Exercise to improve immunity

19 Nov 2020 0 comment Elsa

How to take care of yourself naturally during this period of confinement? An article inspired by Dr. Jean-Paul Curtay, a nutritherapist who is passionate about nutrition and its close links to health. Get moving! Today, I present the first major rule of healthy living to be implemented during this period of confinement.

What is the purpose of naturopathy and does it really work?

14 Nov 2020 0 comment Elsa

Today, we welcome Elsa as a mail manager for a post on naturopathy, a field in which she specializes and especially for which she is passionate. In this article, she explains what naturopathy is, and if you are interested in this subject, she will be able to publish other posts on this subject! Hello to all of you [...]

Optimal arm, forearm and biceps strength training

01 May 2020 0 comment blooness

The king of the long biceps: the sloping bench curl The sloping bench curl is often referred to by weight-lifting aces as the best exercise for biceps hypertrophy, and it is the one that covers almost all anatomical genera, according to the king of weight-lifting, the Curl on Sloping Bench Curl.

All you need to know about GHEE butter: benefits, where to find it, how to make it

16 Apr 2020 0 comment blooness

GHEE butter is a clarified butter that is becoming increasingly trendy. And with good reason: it is one of the flagship foods of traditional Indian gastronomy, and has the advantage of being much healthier than conventional butter. It is a central ingredient in the light carbohydrate and high (good) fat diet that we all eat, as we are used to.

COVID-19: the list of tips and info to know!

29 Mar 2020 0 comment blooness

I did a live show with my friend Ben, a nurse, with whom I discussed the health situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic. He was able to give us some valuable advice, and we discussed some still very unclear topics about the spread of this virus. Thanks to him for giving me a [...]

Coronavirus, flu, containment and immune system: the ultimate list of food supplements, vitamins and minerals to stock up on

16 Mar 2020 0 comment blooness

Good morning, everyone. Yesterday, after sharing with you my ideal keto/low-carb/moderate-carb compatible shopping list for surviving a health crisis such as we're experiencing right now, and in general any crisis related to survival, I now wanted to share with you the best food supplements to keep you on your toes in [...]