The diet ketogenic may well be a kind of fountain of youth for human beings. #keto 1TP5Longevity

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The shorts are micro tips from the Blooness guide.

A little liver, oysters and seafood every week. Otherwise, vitamin and mineral supplements.

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You'd never suspect how much boosting protein and fat intake can reveal radiant beauty and improve physical appearance. Visit to learn how to set your optimal protein intake.

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Proteins are the "building blocks" of the body, making bones, hair, nails, skin, organs, hormones, enzymes, antibodies... They should be the mainstay of meals for optimal health.

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Secret hack for boosting energy and losing weight: consume the protein/fat duo to satiety without apothecary caloric calculations, then occasionally do a fast or small deficit. Visit to unlock your superpowers.

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#Cheatmeal: small "industrial" guilty pleasures in front of a series or quality pastries during social occasions, to each his own favorite moment as long as it remains occasional.

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