Exercise to improve immunity

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How to take care of yourself naturally during this period of confinement? An article inspired by Dr. Jean-Paul Curtay, a nutritherapist who is passionate about nutrition and its close links to health.

Get moving!

Today I am presenting the first major rule of healthy living to be implemented during this long period of health insecurity, which is essential for the survival of our health capital.

We're all on the lookout for the slightest sneeze or a poorly positioned mask. Instead, let's ask ourselves how best to strengthen our body's immune defence. It starts with being in good physical condition!

What kind of sportsman are you?

Confinement should not be used as an excuse to give up physical fitness!

I don't want any self-justification for not going for a run or a few sets of abs! Whatever your level or ability, it is important to maintain your muscles.

Yes, very important because you may not know it, but they are the reservoirs of our white blood cells. These famous immune cells that stand up against external aggressions (pollutants, viruses, bacteria, etc...). And, of course, against the SARS COv2 virus that caused the Covid-19 epidemic.

Your muscles contain an amino acid called "glutamine" which, along with white blood cells, fights infection. As you can see, the more you build muscle, the more you increase your immune system.

This explains why people with inflammatory or infectious diseases lose muscle mass: apart from the fact that it melts because they obviously cannot do sport when they are ill, they also use it to defend themselves.


As a result, when a new intruder points his nose, the body is very depleted in glutamine and white blood cells. Likewise, older people who let their muscles melt, find themselves with weakened defences.

The power of mitochondria

In addition to strengthening muscles, physical activity leads to the multiplication of mitochondria! Kesako? These are the mini energy centers of our cells. There are thousands of them in each cell.

Among other functions, they provide the energy needed to multiply antibodies and white blood cells. In this way, a real bulwark against inflammation is created.

The importance of breathing

Knowing how to correctly exploit our respiratory capacity is very important when practicing a sport. However, all too often we under-exploit it. As a result, our breathing accelerates, which reduces the quality of gas exchanges.

Reduced oxygen uptake reduces the production of white blood cells. It is therefore very important to work on your breathing during physical effort.

Oxygenation is essential in our fight against the virus. Remember: Sport is the official supplier of immune energy.


In short, exercise linked to good oxygenation stimulates the formation and activity of mitochondria, which increases the chances of fighting inflammation. Push-ups and squats are coming, so the covid just has to behave!

Good to know. Several studies show that a walk in the forest develops a certain category of white blood cells, the Natural Killer! They owe this nickname to their great efficiency in wringing the neck to retroviruses, such as HIV or coronavirus. And that's what SARS COv-2 is all about. So, if you can, go do your squats in the woods!

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Naturopathic nurse.

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