Une diète cétogène bien formulée et suivie par un professionnel pourrait améliorer la clarté mentale et l’endurance sportive. Mais il faut pour cela qu’elle soit bien menée. Pour tout savoir sur cette diète très particulière 👉 https://buff.ly/40n8wx0

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The shorts are micro tips from the Blooness guide.

A little liver, oysters and seafood every week. Otherwise, vitamin and mineral supplements.

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Proteins are the "building blocks" of the body, making bones, hair, nails, skin, organs, hormones, enzymes, antibodies... They should be the mainstay of meals for optimal health.

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You'd never suspect how much boosting protein and fat intake can reveal radiant beauty and improve physical appearance. Visit https://blooness.com/proteines/ to learn how to set your optimal protein intake.

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Secret hack for boosting energy and losing weight: consume the protein/fat duo to satiety without apothecary caloric calculations, then occasionally do a fast or small deficit. Visit blooness.com to unlock your superpowers.

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#Cheatmeal: small "industrial" guilty pleasures in front of a series or quality pastries during social occasions, to each his own favorite moment as long as it remains occasional.

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