Low Carb High Fat Green Soup Recipe

Hello everyone!

Today, we're moving away from the technicalities of the Blooness guide for a low-fat green soup recipe carbohydrates.

This healthy zucchini and broccoli soup is ideal for warming bodies, and will be fairly moderate in carbohydrates. You're free to add fat, via crème fraîche or butter, depending on the proportions of macros you wish to apply.

1/ Finely chop one white onion and three cloves of garlic. Sauté in olive oil.
2/ Roughly chop a zucchini, broccoli and leek. Add to the garlic and onion.
3/ add 1/2L water, oregano, salt, pepper, chicken stock and simmer over medium heat until the vegetables are fully cooked.
4/ Blend.


You can serve this soup with a chiffonade of ham and a few organic pumpkin seeds for a crunch 😋

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