The ultimate guide to the ketogenic and low-carb high-fat diet

Visit ketogenic diet (keto in English) is a very special way of eating that consists of replace carbohydrates (starches and sugar) by the lipids (fats), in order to push the body into a state of equilibrium. ketosisa state in which it draws its energy from ketonesmolecules produced by the liverrather than using the glucose as an energy source.

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This way of eating was originally developed to combat epilepsy in the early 20th century, before falling into disuse. In the early 21st century, it once again became popular, for its impressive weight-loss effectsas well as for its supposed benefits on chronic illnesses of varying severity, from simple allergies to cancer.

Its "soft" version is the low-carb high-fatalso known as the Atkins diet, which consists of reducing the intake of carbohydrates. carbohydratesfor the benefit of lipidsThis does not mean permanent nutritional ketosis. The diet low-carb high-fat is a way for some sedentary individuals to avoid overloading the body with unnecessary glucose, which can lead to weight gain and loss of energy.

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This type of food is said to have many health benefits, including increased energy, weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, and so on. blood glucose and encouraging effects on certain chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer, as a complement to medical treatment.

Many find it in their interest to reduce carbohydrates of their diet, but this can't be done overnight, without a minimum of knowledge on the subject. Indeed, there are a number of obstacles that could stand in the way of successfully implementing this type of diet.

In this guide, you will find all the information you need to learn how to tame thelow-calorie diet carbohydrates and rich in lipid. In addition to detailed plan definitions low-carb and ketoyou'll learn how to :

  • which foods and beverages to choose in these two diets
  • which foods are banned
  • which food supplements are essential for the proper implementation of this diet
  • how to implement this type of diet in the context of chronic illness, including Dr Laurent Schwartz's metabolic treatment.
  • how to "veganize" the diet ketogenic
  • and much more...

This ultimate guide to the low-carb, ketogenic diet is the first chapter of the Blooness guidea personal development white paper that synthesizes best practices in lifestyle and personal development. nutrition to improve health, increase energy and maximize life expectancy.

Before getting to the heart of the low-carbohydrate diet, let's take a look at what happened in the history of the 20th century to make our diet primarily carbohydrate-based, rather than fat-based.

As a reminder, carbohydrate-rich foods include milk, starchy foods (rice, pasta, cereals), fruit and vegetables. pulsesfruit, vegetables vegetablesjuices, cookies, sodas, candies, cakes and other commercial products.

Visit lipids are fats, found mainly in small oily fish, vegetable oils, oilseeds, avocados, meats, cheese and butter, but also in fried foods and certain processed industrial products.

In the common imagination, eating fat makes you look fat. But the opposite may well be true. Let's take a step back in time...

Summary of the ultimate guide to the ketogenic and low-carb high-fat diet

Here are all the contents free of charge of this ketogenic and low-carb guide in podcast format (premium content is available in audio format). in articles reserved for Blooness members) :

I. The origins of sugar and carbohydrate dominance

Understand why and how sugar, and more generally carbohydrates, have formed the basis of our diet, against all dietetic and health logic.

The birth of the sugar lobby
Ancel Keys' theories
The agro-industrial lobby's hunt for fats
Fat's return to favour


II. Introduction to the Low Carb High Fat and Ketogenic diets for beginners

Reducing carbohydrates is the No. 1 pillar of the Blooness diet. In this section, you'll learn the basics and how to get started with this type of diet.

The Low Carb High Fat diet
Understanding the ketogenic diet
LCHF or Keto, which to choose?
What to eat on the ketogenic diet
What to drink on the ketogenic diet
Foods to avoid on the ketogenic diet / LCHF


III. The ketogenic diet and Low Carb High Fat, expert mode

The right ratio of Omega-3, 6 and 9
Cooking fats
All you need to know about GHEE butter, the famous clarified butter
Magnesium in the ketogenic or LCHF diet
The importance of sodium in the ketogenic or LCHF diet
Potassium in the ketogenic or LCHF diet
Vitamin D in the ketogenic or LCHF diet: see the "Vitamin D" chapter
Conclusion on dietary supplements to take in ketosis or low-carb

LCHF / Keto and fat loss
LCHF / Keto and veganism
Ketogenic diet and cancer: Dr Schwartz's protocol

[MEMBER ZONE] - Learn how to quantify protein, carbohydrate and fat intakes for the best possible health and figure.

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